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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Day 8 of 20 - Last Full Day in Valencia - The Holy Grail and Fireworks

This is the Holy Grail in the Valencia Cathedral

Mother Mary breast feeding little baby Jesus

Valencia North Gate - the gold building right behind it is FSU Campus

Today was our last full day in Valencia. It was so filled with action - I am having a hard time picking out the best pictures to show you. The conference included a bus tour of the city so at  9 AM we boarded the bus to see the action.

A big river used to run right through downtown Valencia - but it used to flood. After a tremendous flood in 1957 that killed 100 people - they decided to divert the river to the south and turn the river bed into parks and museums. Many of the things we saw today were in the trough - the dry river bed. 

After a look at the opera - cinema - music house - science museum and aquarium - we went to the central market. Each of  these places could be a story in itself. Next we toured the Valencia Cathedral which is the home of the Holy Grail. Supposedly - the Holy Grail was the cup that Jesus and the Disciples used to drink the wine in the Last Supper. In Arthurian Literature - the Holy Grail had magical powers. Hitler wanted to gain these holy items thinking they would help him rule the world. 

The Cathedral is part Gothic - part Romanesque. The Moslems occupied it for a time. It is in really nice shape and full of art and religious relics. The Holy Grail sits in its own chapel and it is mystifying. 

After that we had lunch at a street cafe. The weather has been wonderful - 70s and sunny. You could not tell it by all the clothes people wear here. 

Next - at 2 PM - we followed the crowd to the town square to see the most fantastic display of fireworks. 

After being blown away by the fireworks - we went to the FSU Valencia Campus. It is only ½ mile north of city hall an easy to find. A 1000 year old gate from the old walled city - the North Gate - sits right in front of the FSU Campus. You go thru the gate and there is FSU!

We had a very nice tour of the FSU campus. It is basically one big building - with student dorm rooms and classrooms in one facility. Many of the walls in the FSU Center are the old walls from the Old Walled City. They have been restored to show details of the historic walls. 

Finally - we walked the old river bed about one mile back toward our hotel . We stopped for lunch at another small cafe - and took the 1.50 euro bus the last mile home. We walked 6 miles today. We got home and took a little nap - now we are wide awake and watching the ACC Basketball Tournament on our Slingbox. 

Tomorrow at 11 AM - we take a train from Valencia to Barcelona. Friday - our Mediterranean Sea Cruise begins. 

Science Museum in dry river bed

Opera house and movie house in dry lake bed

Tourist train in park area

Valencia Garden in dry river bed

I loved this electric Smart car

The City Gardens behind Lulu.

They love American stuff over here - like this IMAX movie

City Gardens

Columbo Market

Fireworks set up in front of city hall

Central Market - the nicest in Europe

Ham ham ham

Beautiful berries - we bought some



Our friend Barbara making deals

More ham

Cutting ham

Cayenne pepper shaped like volcanoes

Nothing like a fresh churro in hot chocolate

Lulu in the cathedral

I am not kidding - this depicts the circumcision of Christ

These hymnals were 500 years old. I was standing for the last verse.

Holy Grail strained glass window

Holy Grail Chapel


Something different - beer in McDonalds

Following the crowd to city hall and fireworks

City Hall before fireworks

The crowd for fireworks stretched forever

Touring the FSU Campus in Valencia

This wall in the FSU classroom is part of the 1000 year old city wall

Historic city wall in computer center at FSU

Lulu found the library at FSU. Now we have visited 3 of the 4 FSU overseas campuses. London - Florence - Valencia. One left - Panama.

Giant wooden door on FSU Campus - Valencia

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