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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Our 10 Year Old Slingbox Still Provides Us With Fantastic Television From Back Home

It was 10 years ago that my sons provided us with a gift that keeps on giving. It is called a sling box. You simply hook it to your TV at home and then plug it into the Internet. Any program that you can get on your home TV - you can see it on your computer anywhere you have wifi or iPhone internet. We have even used this service in our camper going down the highway - with our iPhone tethered to the camper TV.

The Slingbox cost $120. It doesn't look like much - just a device the size of a modem or router. The pictures above are from a story I did about 10 years ago when we were in London. Note the old laptop and the "peanut" style DirecTV remote.

When we were Germany for 3 months last year - we were able to watch movies about the Nazis and Hitler from back home that were banned from the German public. You can also watch Netflix and programs your DVR has recorded for you back home. You can even program your DVR  from over here to catch shows for you. That is a lot of bang for $120.

Now wee can take it one step farther. Using and Apple TV on this end - we can transfer the signal to the hotel TV. We already watched to FSU basketball game on this trip. Og course since the games come on back home at 7 PM - it is already 1 AM over here when the game starts. Still it is all FREE.

My son Drew got his first Slingbox in 2006. There are no other fees for using Slingbox. All you need is an Internet connection at home and the Internet or iPhone where you travel.

The Slingbox is a gift that keeps on giving. What part of free do you not understand? It gets my highest endorsement. Lulu is watching the ACC Tournament  games right now.

See the 10 year old story here -

sling box story

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