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Sunday, March 26, 2017

On Trip North To See The Kids - We Discover Greenville SC

The Poinsett Hotel was our home last night

The Reedy River Park right in downtown was busy with visitors

We are at the Poinsett Hotel in beautiful downtown Greenville SC. We drove 8 hours north from Tallahassee via Athens GA to spend last night in this wonderful town. After scores of trips between Pennsylvania and Florida - how in the world did we miss this place. It seems to be the prototype of everything the leaders in Tallahassee covet.

Greenville was founded on the Fall Line where the Reedy River drops from the Piedmont Region to the Coastal Plain. The 60 foot drop provided tremendous power to run the cotton mills in this now diversified town. Furman University make this place home along the river home.

There are 4 independent theaters in downtown. They have a minor league baseball team and one of the highlights is Swamp Rabbits Hockey of the East Coast Hockey League. For 22 years - the Swamp Rabbits were the Johnstown PA Chiefs - the famed team from the movie Slap Shot. In the movie - the Chiefs were moving to Florida - but they really ended up here. There are 28 teams in the league all over the country - including one in Alaska. The top hockey league is the NHL - followed by the AHL - then the ECHL.

Our next stop is Lynchburg VA. We have never been to that town either.

Lulu has has a gig to read grants in Washington which funds the trip.

Lulu on the bridge across the Reedy River Park

The Greenville Chamber of Commerce

The performing arts center next to our hotel

The downtown river park goes on for about a mile

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