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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Lulu Gives A VIP Tour Of John Boy Walton's Real Home

John Boy Walton's Real House

One of Lulu's all time favorite TV shows was The Waltons. It was the story of Earl Hamner's childhood being raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia during the depression.

Hamner made his fame in Hollywood as a writer of movies and TV programs. His masterpiece was a series call The Walton's.

Schuyler VA is just off US Route 29 about an hour south of Charlottesville. In the series - the main character John Walton lived in a small clapboard house with his extended family - including the grand parents. Some times there were 4 generations under one roof.

Lulu was raised in a similar house overlooking the Blue Mts. Her bedroom window had a similar view.

In 1992 - 25 years ago - we visited the Walton Mountain Museum on its opening weekend. Since we were going through the area - Lulu insisted we stop again. At the museum (another story coming) - they told us that on the day before - Sunday - the whole cast was there celebrating 25 years of the museum. Everyone but Richard Thomas - the man who plaed John Boy - was there. Of course - Earl Hamner could not attend - he died a year ago.

The museum is a great visit - it is just up the hill. But the ultimate thrill is going in the real home. At the gift shop - the man offered us the key. For $7.50 per person - we could go through the house. I grabbed the key - and sight unseen - Lulu did the video above. You could see the thrills in Lulu's eyes and anticipation in her voice as she explains away the stuff inside. We had the place to ourselves - sorta like the Lincoln Bedroom.

Maybe I can convince Lulu to let me build a Walton style guest house in our back yard. Good night - Lulu!  Good night - Jack - Max - and Kate - Boy!

Lulu narrates our visit from scratch - one take Lulu.

It is about 100 yards from the Walton Mt Museum

The dining room with the long pine plank table

Bathroom with pine plank floors

Master bedroom on first floor
The living room with piano

the girls bedroom with low ceilings

John Boy and the boys room upstairs

Plaques on the front porch. 

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