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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Looks Like Harry Will Be Getting More Email From Uganda

Lulu gave me her convention name tag to go down to the happy hour in the lobby. While I was there - people wanted to network with the famous - Nancy - from Florida USA. I just wanted a little snack and a drink.

Mark from Uganda started talking and calling me - Nancy. I went along with it - he asked for my card. I was carrying a few - Florida Coal Cracker Chronicle cards - what the heck. you never know where it can lead.

So here I am with Mark. Can you notice all the powdered sugar on my face?

Mark commented later -

I was very excited to meet Harry during the coffee break at hotel Melia here in Valencia. I felt relaxed during the short time we spent together sharing experiences of his work as a teacher. A seasoned, experienced, retired but not tired teacher. I am also particularly happy with the posts and the information about Valencia on his website, oooh my God, it is my second day here in valencia but didn't know much about the beautiful city not until I read these posts. Thanks my friend Harry. I am happy once again to have met you. Your friend Mark Kaahwa from Uganda but currently a PhD scholar in Belgium. on Day 7 of 20 - Bull Fighting Arena and Laundry

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