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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Day 6 of 20 - Enjoying Valencia Spain - Perfect Weather

This was Monday.

The soccer team plays in the Old Mestalla Stadium built in 1923. In 2006 they started this new stadium and ran out of cash.

It is supposed to look like this when done.

Instead - this is what the stadium looks like - sort of a ghost - no tools - materials - or even garbage around.

The most sensational story to me in Valencia is the stadium by our hotel. One of the most prominent things in town - it is virtually invisible to the locals. In 2006 during the boom - someone decided to build a huge soccer stadium here. The price tag was $300 million. It is in a great location and on a very nice lot. It is about one mile north of downtown with plenty of subway and bus stops. Then the recession hit. The money dried up - the project was cleaned up about 40% done. It now has a 8 foot high plastic fence around it - and people go on with their life. The stadium vanished like a mole on a model’s face. To me it is more like my nose - sticking out for all to see.

So many businesses around the “new stadium” - like our hotel - were left holding the bag. The convention center is less than a mile up the street - but the stadium is the center piece.

Valencia seems like a booming area of 2. 5 million people. The locals realize there is nothing they can do about this albatross stadium.  It is a monument to government and/or greedy private industry spending other people’s money. It reminds me how the Louisiana people are still paying for the Superdome that is a pit where we throw money.

I took the ladies shopping downtown Monday night - then we stopped at an Irish pub for beer and a sandwich. After a pint - all was well with the world. They were buying t-shirts for friends and family. Since it was 9 PM - Lulu and I shared a sandwich - it was a smart thing to do. We usually eat at 5 PM Florida time - so it was 3 PM back home. A pint of wheat beer was 4 euros - with the dry air here - both Lulu and I easily finished our pints. We walked back to the hotel from the mall - about 1.5 miles.

Our hotel - waiting for the stadium be done

The Valencia History Museum was closed Monday.

I followed my GPS to this park - looking for the museum.
It was under the park. 

The valves controlled the sewer gates. It stunk there.

Who is Rosario? She played here last week.

The ghost stadium from our window.

The boulevard downtown from our hotel. Notice bus lanes.

Sunset over Valencia

Sun dropping over the mountains west of the city

Note our librarians buying shoes

How about this pair?

I liked the Camper sandals

This unfinished stadium cost $300 million.
Do you think it will ever be done?

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