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Sunday, March 05, 2017

Day 5 - Flying From Palma - Majorca To Valencia - Spain

Many passengers carry Ensaimalas leaving Majorca
It reminds me of getting on a bus. Palmas airport.

Today was Day 5 - our trip is ¼ over. This was our 5th plane flight - now we will not be flying at all until Day 20. It is only 160 miles from Majorca to Valencia - so we were in the air less than 30 minutes. We flew on Vueling - a Spanish Airline that specializes in bringing vacationers from England and Germany. They have big Airbus A319 planes and open up the front door and back door -  the customers walk across the tar mac and up the steps - like getting on a bus. It cost us $34 to get to Valencia. 

Valencia has a Mediterranean Climate. It is one of the warmest cities in Europe in the winter. This is aided by the altitude and also the foehn winds. The winds come down th lee side of the mountains and they are compressed and dried out from raining on the top of the mountains. Some people say the foehn winds affect people psychologically. 

Valencia reminds me a bit like San Paulo in Brazil. It has 800,000 people - but sprawls out to 2.5 million in the metro area. The airport is tiny compared to Palma's airport - we were out of the plane and in our cab in no time. There was no customs because we were going form Spain to Spain. We did check two bags because it was free. 

Many passengers were carrying cardboard boxes of Ensamadas - a very light pastry only made in Majorca. They can be as big as a birthday cakes - they reminds me of the flaky creme puffs that Wenzel's used to sell - but less creme - and more flaky. We had some for breakfast this morning. 

Our hotel is modern and huge - 30 stories tall. It stands out here all alone and looks big. We are next to the convention center and a large soccer stadium. 

Lulu is working in a group of 4 library professors - Melissa - Karen - Barbara - Nancy. They are presenting how to "teach librarians to make use of technology." so for the next 5 days I am on my own. It will be a good time to get the laundry done. 

We all met at our hotel - and took a cab down to the old town - to sight see - shop - and have supper at 3:30 PM. We were all on different schedules in different stages of jet lag. After that - I took the bus back to our hotel for 1.5 euros. It is now dark here at 7 PM - and another day is in the book. 

Cathedral. About 9 AM in Palmas - note traffic to airport 

Lots of budget airlines fly to Majorca

More pastry leaving Majorca
This is a big airport - very busy in summer

$34 one way to Valencia
They open each end and people rush in

Palmas - Majorca

Great beaches and blue waters

Reminds me of Waikiki in Hawaii

Our first view of Valencia 

Our hotel is the tall building left of the soccer stadium

Paella - there was  festival going on downtown

More street fesitval - also fireworks in the day time

Famous Central Market in downtown Valencia

Note oranges on downtown streets -
Barbara - Melissa - Nancy - Karen

I liked this iron balcony

This beggar wanted to be in my picture

Supper at 3:30 PM - Valencia - 3 course meal - 12 euros.
They raised the price while we were sitting there to 16 euros. 

Bull fighting arena

The convention center from our Melia Valencia Hotel

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