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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Day 15 - Malta

We are in the absolute center of the Old World - Malta - in the center of the Med Sea. From here the boat head back to Barcelona - then the plane to Tallahassee.

Lulu and I love the British influence on this old colony. You see school kids in British outfit - full British breakfasts - statues of Churchill.

The town is high up on cliffs. You can see the elevator to get there in the picture. We only have 5 hours here - enough to. Say you were here and think you are an expert.

We are in Velletti. Their parliament is here. They also have a bunch of old ceremonial canons overlooking the harbor.

A McDonald's provide me free wifi.

The Maltese Cross - a favorite of the Nazis is all over here. The Maltese Cross is also the dominate item in Duke Eberhard's coat of arms.

We cruise 2 days to Barcelona and spend a night there. Then we fly home - hoping to get bumped in Amsterdam.

We got a message from home that FSU's school library program was once again picked by US News and World Report as the top program in the country.

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