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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Day 11 - Savona to Genoa on Train

Our boat landed in Savona Italy. We walked 1 and 1/2 miles to the train station - we want to go Genoa to see the home of Christopher Columbus. We bought two round trip tickets for 9.40 euros each. The train leaves here at 10:10 and takes 30 minutes.

Our boat sailed east from Marseilles along the coast past Cannes - Nice - Monaco. At night you could see the city lights. Sailing has been very gentle on the Med Sea.

We are sitting on a double decker train car waiting to pull out.

Our ship docked in downtown Savona - we could have stayed there the whole day. Weather has been kind. We have seen between 60 and 80 the whole trip.

We sat in the front row last night for an Italian cabaret show. The theatre was maybe 1/3 full so I think the ship has lots of empty cabins. This is the maiden voyage for the season of our ship - Costa Mediterranean.

Lulu tried the slots last night in the casino. They have penny slots where you play 15 to 20 lines. It is too easy - you put you room key in the machine and it charges and deposits you cash right to your account. She started out with 10 euros and ended with 26 euros. No way of lying about your losses!

This morning there were croissants out for breakfast. They were cream filled and tasted just like Wenzel's.

Our ship room is huge with a balcony. I like the big shower very much - lots of water pressure. The ship is a floating RV - it makes its own water and electric. We have about 20 Television channels - 4 in English.

The ship is long. The dining rooms are near our room in the back. The theatre is in the front - about 900 feet away. The casinos are in the middle and you must pass through them a lot.

We just found out that each of us has a 50 euro credit in the stores or casino. How did I miss that?

Italy is great for little cars and scooters. When I see them paying 6 euros per gallon roughly - I thank fracking in the USA. They have very little fuel here.

The Nazis used to turn coal into fuel for their planes. That tech is stored down at Texas A&M. Wish we could do that.

I am typing this out on my iPhone while waiting for the train to depart.

We will be in genoa from 10:40 until about 2. There is an Apple Computer Museum in Savona if we have time on the way back.

Random thoughts - they have some really cool small motor homes here. It would probably cost a fortune to bring one home.

10:10 - the train just pulled out right on time.

Over here Genoa is Genova. Of course I thought they were two separate places.

The train up the coast is very smooth. It goes thru lots of long tunnels in the mountains. It is Sunday morning and there are only a few passengers. We are stopping at a lot of small coastal towns - this one is Verraze.

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