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Friday, March 10, 2017

Day 10 - Costa Cruise - Mediterranean Sea - One Week

Our room in the Costa Mediterranean. The bathroom goes over the side :-)
We are on this side toward the stern

Today - Friday at  5 pm - we leave Barcelona on a cruise of the Med Sea. It was a cheap cruise - like $350 a person for a regular room. Lulu spent an extra $150 per person - and got this double size one with a balcony. Room 7315. It is a Costa Cruise - owned by Carnival Cruise - their offices are in Las Vegas - Nevada.

We go from Barcelona - to Marseilles France - Savona Italy - Naples Italy - Palmero Sicily - to Malta - and back to Barcelona.

The wifi on the ship is expensive - like $20 an hour. So we will only be able to send back pictures and reports from the shore when we find free wifi. Since our iPhone data is for Spain - our iPhones will not work in the other ports - except on wifi at places like McDonalds. I am sending this report from a McDonalds in Barcelona near our ship.

Our room 7315 - is on the starboard (right) side
 - toward the stern (rear) - 7th deck

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