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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Spring Time in Florida - Turns A Man's Fancy to Campers

Lulu and I were going to lunch and a little shopping at Costco. As we were parking - we noticed this cute little truck camper parked by a construction site. We stopped the car to take a few pictures - hoping the owner would notice us - and maybe we could get the story. No luck.

I am guessing a carpenter made it from scratch. It looked custom. I did not get the story yet - but in Mom's world - the guy works on the building project and lives far away. He stays in the camper on weekdays - and goes home to his family on weekends. It is all an assumption. At any rate - it is a nice truck and truck camper. I doubt that it has much plumbing or heat.

Lulu loves to watch those "tiny house" TV shows. We were ahead of our time.We lived for 30 years in 1000 square feet in Tamaqua PA.

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