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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Two Free Tickets - Almost Sold Out Game With VTech - Face Value $32 Each - Go Noles!!!

It must be the jacket. Great seats. We are sitting 30 minutes before tip off.

Seminole won the game by 13.

The Civic Center holds 12,100. I would say there were about 8000 people that showed up.

A nice guy outside gave me two for free. He said - do you need four? I said no. He walked in with the extra tickets. He did not want to sell them.I guess he was given them for free.

Tuesday night Duke comes to town. That will be close to a sellout because FSU has a better chance than usual to win.

FSU is 14-1 and tanked number 12 in the nation. Virginia Tech was number 21.

FSU is playing 6 ranked teams in a row. They beat Virginia and Virginia Tech - both ranked.

See you Tuesday.

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