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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Seminoles Complete The Grand Slam of the Gators - Wins in Football - Volleyball - Mens Basketball - Womens Basketball

It has been a wonderful 2 weeks for Florida State Seminoles Fans. Today they completed the Grand Slam - beating the Florida Gators in Mens Basketball. Just a few days ago - the Seminoles also beat the Gator Womens Basketball Team - the Gator Womens Volleyball Team - and of course on Thanksgiving weekend - FSU pummeled the Gators football team.

The Gators/Seminoles rivalry is steeped in history starting right after World War II. At that time FSU was called the Florida State College for Women. The University of Florida was for men. Many soldiers - sailors - and flyers were station in Tallahassee during the war. Many learned to fly at Dale Marby Field just west of town. They wanted to spend their GI Bill with the FSU women.

Burt Reynolds and Lee Corso were teammates on some of the Seminoles early clubs. The good old boys from Florida did not want to play the Seminoles. It took a threat by the state legislature of passing a law that finally had the Gators agree to play the lowly Seminoles. For years - the Gators refused to cross the Suwanee River to play in Tallahassee.

Florida State has won the last 4 football games. It is becoming a little embarrassing for the Gator fans that their big SEC east champions football team has had to go into their championship game 2 years in a row after a loss to FSU.

Probably the best victory in the last 2 weeks was the Womens Volleyball team. The match was held in Gainesville. FSU offered free bus rides and game tickets for people to make the 150 mile trek southeast. In that match - Florida jumped out to a 2 game lead - the Seminoles were losing in the third game and the Gator fans were being a bit boastful. They started too soon - because FSU stormed back - and won the last 3 games. FSU won and moved onto the NCAA Sweet 16 playoffs.

Today it was Mens basketball at 4 PM. Lulu and I went over without tickets. It was a good crowd - but nowhere near a sellout of 11,000. I am guessing there were 8000 tickets sold - and maybe 7000 attended. The ticket price was $40 - but no one was asking over face value. Then a very nice lady gave me a pair behind the Gators bench for free.

FSU carried a small lead most of the way - small enough to keep the crowd sitting on its hands the whole day. At one time FSU shot up to an 13  point lead - but the Gators had one more run in them. In the end - the Seminoles won by 5.

It was dark when we got outside the arena. After a 3 block walk to our free parking spot - we drove home enjoying the Grand Slam - 4 straight victories over the Gators in 2 weeks.

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