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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

We Almost Bought This Trailer

2012 Heartland MPG trailer
You can tell life has gotten boring when I write about things we almost did. Yesterday - we almost bought this trailer. It is a 2012 Heartland MPG. We have always loved RV's in the past and after selling that trailer we had here for a friend - I thought if I could find one to pull with our Honda - we would buy it.

This trailer in 19 feet long and weighs 2500 pounds. It sleeps 4 - and is fully equipped with AC - furnace - frig - stove - microwave - sink - and a full bathroom. It has a queen size and a full size bed. Yes - all in 19 feet - and all beds are floor level with no ladders to climb. It retailed for $18,000 new - after months of dickering we had the price down to $7000. It was kept in a pole building and hardly used.

What makes this trailer so light is that it is made with an aluminum frame - foam insulation - and fiberglass skin. The rounded top makes an aerodynamic shape and rain runs right off of it.

Our 2016 Honda Van is equipped with a hitch that can pull 3500 pounds.

Last night we went to bed with the intention of buying it this morning. But when we woke up - both of us questioned the purchase. Lulu is retiring in 3 years - but we have a lot of life between now and then.

With Internet deals - hotel prices and availability have really improved. We have enjoyed staying at first class hotels at heavily discounted rates. Also - nice hotels are available in downtown venues - close to nice parks - museums - and attractions.

In 1977 - Lulu - my Dad - Drew - and I spent 30 days circling the USA in a trailer even smaller than this. That time - we did not have a luxury Honda van to pull it - but a 1977 Chevy Chevette with no air conditioning. We are spoiled now - but it was nothing to drive 30 days in July - in the deserts and mountains out west - with no air conditioning.

On to the next adventure. The kids are all coming here for Christmas.

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Alex said...

The shape is definitely distinctive and unique!