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Friday, November 18, 2016

Spencer Snow - Our Billy Elliot Buddy

Every time we went to London - we used to go to see the show - Billy Elliot. One time we got to sit next to Spencer. He told us that he goes to the show once a week. He was a real fan - knew all the lines - and all the moves. Small world - one time we were in a restaurant - and Spencer was at the next table.

One time - I wrote a story about Spencer on my web page. A couple year later - we saw him at the show - he opened his bag - and had a print out of the story from my web page.

Like all men over 70 - he particularly likes Lulu. He remembers her better than me.

I saw this picture on Facebook - and just had to run the story again.

Here is the old story about Spencer -

Story of Spencer and Billy Elliot

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