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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Lionel Trains For Christmas

The Train

In the 1950s - it was a big deal on Christmas to set up a train yard. Usually it was an 8 foot by 4 foot piece of plywood propped up on saw horses. The plywood was covered with green paper that was supposed to represent grass. Next you fastened down sections of Lionel O Gauge train track - and placed a few Plasticville houses around to make a village. Finally - you drilled a few holes in the platform to put lights in the houses.  It was pretty simple - but it brought a lot of smiles to little kids faces - and to the faces of the parents and grandparents that remembered times of their youth during the holiday season. 

In the 1980s - we did it again. Not much changed - but the results were just as good. 

Now my sons have kids - and 30 years have passed - so we are going to get together to do it again. The kids and grandkids are coming to Tallahassee for Christmas. Kate - Jack - and Max are going to light up our house with joy. When I told my sons - I was going to set up a train yard - there was an air of disappointment. They said that I might want to wait until they were here to set it up. I have them hooked. 

My friends from Tamaqua - Carl - Bill - and Dick  - have been giving me pointers ever since. Jean and Marylou have been working on sources of booty. 

Not much track - 8 curve - 13 straight
The houses in boxes are from the 1980s

There houses in bags are from the 1950s.

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