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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

80 Gallon - 5 Horsepower Compressor Sold for $600

80 gallon - 2 stage - 5 horsepower Compressor
My buddy Doug brought a compressor over all in pieces. It was rusty and dirty. He asked me to restore it and sell it - we would split the proceeds.

The compressor requires at 220 volt line because it draws 22 amps of power when it it running. I was able to use the 220 volt line I have to our garage for our Nissan Leaf electric car. Since the car draw 16 amps - when they would both go on - it would exceed the 30 amp circuit breaker and shut down.

The compressor worked very well. The 80 gallon tank would cycle off at 190 pounds per square inch. There were plenty of regulators and filters on it for 4 air hoses. It is cool using a compressor to sand and paint itself.

After a day of sanding - painting - and assembling - it looks pretty good. It also ran very well. I listed it on Craigslist - it took about 5 days to sell. 6 people called about it - the second person to view it bought it. It took 3 of us last night to load it on a pickup - bound for Havana FL. I had to call 2 buyers that were coming in the morning - to tell them it was sold. $600.

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