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Monday, October 31, 2016

FSU Breaks Ground On $65 Million Earth Science Building

The FSU Board of Trustees ground breaking
for the new Earth Science Building

For 33 years I taught Earth and Space Science at Panther Valley - a public school in Lansford PA. Every day from 8 to 3 - it was my job to get the 7th graders interested in the Earth and their environment. It was a lot of fun - but 13 years have gone by since I retired from the classroom. I was lucky to be studying and teaching during the Space Race and travel to the Moon. 

Friday- Florida State broke ground to build a new $65 million Earth Science. It is about 2 miles from our home here in Tallahassee. I am looking forward to following the progress. As I watch Lulu commute to work on her scooter - I am envious and wonder what would have been like to be a college professor and teaching older kids about Astronomy - Geology - Meterology - and Oceanography. 

During the groundbreaking ceremony - President John Thrasher announced that FSU made a big move in the US News national rankings of public universities. FSU went from Number 41 to number 38. No other school jumped so many steps in one year. The Seminoles are on the move. At a party the other day - the president stated - the football team better watch out - our academic program my soon outrank them. 

The next day - the Seminole lost to Clemson football just down the street. FSU football is now ranked Number 19. 

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