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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Today Lulu and I Went to See Snowden - The Movie

If you are very concerned about your rights to privacy on the Internet and Cellphone - you will enjoy Oliver Stone's movie called Snowden.

You may recall that Edward Snowden was a computer genius that worked for the CIA and NSA. After years of working on the inside of the computer spy world - he chose to expose several government projects of paying on US citizens without a court order. This proved very embarrassing to the federal government. Snowden copied millions of government documents and traveled to Hong Kong. He then released the information to the world press.

While he was traveling from Hong Kong to Bolivia via Russia - the USA withdrew his passport and he was stuck in Russia. He claims he did not take any secret documents with him to Russia. Russia has allowed him to stay there. His girlfriend from the USA has moved to Russia to be with him.

The government wants Snowden to return and stand trial. Several groups are seeking a pardon for him.

It seems that director Oliver Stone followed the story pretty straight. Edward Snowden is covered sympathetically. Since his exposure - the government has passed laws disallowing monitoring of computers and phones without a warrant - but I am guessing all this stuff still goes on.

We went to the Sunday morning at 10 AM show for $5.50. Our AMC theatre has installed elaborate reserved seating - along with 8 way power seats.

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