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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

One Last Chance - Getting In Shape At 68

This is what 68 year old Harry looks like
after 20 minutes of pedaling

Sunny Health and Fitness Bike purchased

In the last 3 years - I have gained 35 pounds. It is very simple - I eat way too much - and exercise too little.

When I moved to Florida 12 years ago - Weighed 225 pounds. Through exercise and diet - I had reduced down to 190 pounds using a program on my iPhone called Tap and Track. I was so proud buying pants with a 34 inch waist. It seemed too easy. Lulu and I did it together - walking a lot and recording our food intake. Then we slipped.

In no time at all - I was back to 225 pounds - where I am today.

I have flat feet. So if I walk farther than 2 miles - my feet get sore. So I contacted my exercise expert - Dr Katy Tran. You may remember her when she was a tenant at our brick rental house - before we built our new home. Katy is now working for the Buffalo Sabres. She and her husband Jared are expecting a baby in December.

Katy suggested a stationary bike. She has been using a Sunny Health and Fitness Bike for 5 years. She suggested I try one. So I went to Amazon and for a little over $200 - I bought this ver professional machine.

I just got done my first 20 minute workout. Even though I exercised inside my air conditioned home - I am sweating profusely. I did not measure my heart rate but I felt it thumping. It is a long process - but it starts with one spin. It must be co-ordinated with eating less.

We are going away today for a week - to my 50th high school reunion. We will also ge tot see the kids and grandkids. So the bike will have to wait a week.

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