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Friday, August 05, 2016

Using Your iPhone In London

If you are like me - you feel lost without your cellphone. So this time we vowed we would get SIM chips for our phones and use them.

Simply - we stopped by one of the many electronics stores offering iPhone service. We were offered a service called Lebara. There is a little drawer on your iPhone - they slide the drawer out - take out your old SIM chip - and put a new one in.

In America - our iPhones are with ATT. For unlimited service for 2 people we pay $150 a month.

Our England package is in the picture above. We get 2 GB of Internet - 200 text messages - and 1000 minutes of calls here. Call between our Labara accounts are free. There was a sale on - for that we paid 13 pounds each - about $17 for one - $34 for two.

Now we can use all the Internet services - including Sirius radio - Netflix - Google Maps - and other surfing stuff. It is just like being at home. For an additional 2 cents a minute - we could have bought a package to call back to America. Of course we can use Skype at any time to make calls anywhere.

Comparing our service - $34 a month in London - $150 a month in the USA.

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