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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Harry's James Bond Glasses A Bit Of A Flop

Harry as Steven King in The Wonder Eyes
People love candid pictures and video. Folks just behave differently when they know they are being photographed. So before our London trip - I bought a pair of glasses on Amazon with a video camera in them for $70. I had visions of going into museums and theaters - and just recording what I saw.

On our second day in town - we went to see Rebel Wilson in Guys and Dolls. Rebel Wilson is a very funny lady from Australia. We have seen her in many movies and also in a few comedy performances on Netflix. So I tried to capture here with my glasses at the theatre. We got great seats for $30.

The glasses could not keep up with the lighting in the theatre. You can only shoot video - and later you can pick out single frames to make photos. There is not viewfinder on the glasses - so you are not sure where to point your head. Also - you not even sure the camera is on. It is not dependable.

The glasses are a little goofy looking - they make you look like Steven King. But I do not think anyone knew I was recording. I do like the idea of video glasses - just not this pair. I am still hunting for a better pair.

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