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Monday, August 08, 2016

Day 8 - London - Victoria and Albert Museum - Supper At The Crown - More Shopping

Victoria and Albert

We walk by these flowers every day -
in honor of the FSU lady that got killed
Mozart played at this pub site in 1791 - we ate there
Sunday was a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum. It is the largest decorative arts museum in the world. It is also free of charge. Paintings - statues - jewelry - from all over the world. Next we had supper at The Crown. The Crown sits on the site of a former concert house. In 1791 - Mozart - at the age of 9 - played there. We ate there and had a great time. 

Oxford Varsity Blues - painting at Fortson and Mason food store

Fortson and Mason

Electric MG on The Strand in London

A Facetime video visit with Max -
at The Crown - great supper

I just love these little Piaggio Vespa trucks

Victoria and Albert Museum

Kids wading at Victoria and Albert Museum

You know you are old - Beatles jacket
in Victoria and Albert Museum

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