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Saturday, July 02, 2016

We are in Washington DC at the Churchill Hotel

Churchill Hotel - our home for 5 days
Our trip is going along smoothly - as smoothly as we can expect. In Richmond while showing off to my grandkids in the pool - I pulled a calf muscle going off the diving board. In the third day I can walk in a bit of a shuffle - but it is the first time I have been truly disabled. It is a little better everyday  - but it does stifle our walks here in Washington DC.

We got to meet Max Theodore Everhart yesterday. He is absolutely beautiful. He has been very lucky to be born into the parent lottery he hit. They are both so good and protective of him. I will publish a picture of him if I ever get permission.

We will stay here until July 5th - then we are going to Tamaqua to visit friends and family. We will be staying at Lulu's childhood home.

Our new Honda van has been a great travel coach. It is quiet - powerful - roomy - smooth - and just plain comfortable. We got 27 MPG on the whole trip up. We have the van 6 weeks and have put over 3000 miles on it already. We will add at least another 1200 miles before we get home.

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