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Monday, July 25, 2016

Fredericksburg VA - Halfway Between Washington and Richmond

We took a horse carriage tour of downtown
on Lulu's birthday. 
This historic building was being restored.

Last week on the away home form Pennsylvania - Lulu and I visited Fredericksburg VA. We have zoomed by it so many time on I-95 - we just had to make an overnight stop. If a couple of grandparents had grandkids in Washington and Richmond - this would be a perfect place to live. 

It is about 53 miles to Richmond south and 47 miles to Washington north from this quaint little civil war town. There was a battle here and it is also the home of Mary Washington - the mother of the father of our country. She lived here until her death. The local college - University of Mary Washington - is aimed after her. My co-teacher Joyce Reichard went to college here. She was a true southern belle. 

Fredericksburg has a strong German influence. In the train station downtown - there is a pub and biergarten. There are several trains daily going to Washington and Richmond. Daily you can catch Amtrak to Disneyworld and Florida. 

We had lunch at this drug store counter.
Carolina Street in Fredericksburg.

The historic Sunrise pub.

The German pub in the train station.

University of Mary Washington.
This shirt reminded me of the United Mine Workers.

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