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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

1951 Peerless Travel Trailer - A Real Project

1951 Peerless Travel Trailer in shed
Today I went about 15 miles west of town to see a camper - a 1951 Peerless Travel Trailer. I fancy finding an antique and fixing it up for the road. This camper is neat - but the repair is way beyond my pay grade. The last time it was on the road was 1971 - the year Lulu and I eloped to Miami. The old rusty license plate is still on the back.

The camper is in a shed - so it has been kept pretty dry. The inside it lines with birch wood. It has 4 tiny rooms - bedroom - bathroom - kitchen - living room. I did not make an offer on it - but someone could make this nice with some carpentry skills. The body is aluminum was several coats of paint on it.

Thesis what it could look like
This is what the bedroom looks like now.
The bathroom has a toilet - sink - shower.
The kitchen is in the middle.
Two entrances - bedroom - living room.

It has 4 wheels.
This is the living room.
It still has the 1971 license plate on it. 
This is an example of a cleaned up Peerless.
It could have a very open living area.
The open floor plan.

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