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Sunday, June 05, 2016

Zephyr Hills - Clearwater - Tampa - Ybor City - Disneyworld - With Carl and Marylou

Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City on Friday.

Saturday morning at the Vespa shop in Clearwater

Marylou and Carl visit the Yuengling Brewery
so much - they lead the tour.

Supper on Saturday and watching the Disney fireworks -
from the top of the Contemporary Hotel.

June 3rd to 5th.

We drove the van south to see the Zimmermans in Zephyr Hills FL. We stayed two nights in their lovely home. Friday night we all ate supper in Ybor City at the Columbia Restaurant. I had a Cuban Sandwich at this historic place.It reminds me of the places we visited in Cuba.

Saturday morning we got up and drove the van to Clearwater to see some scooters at the Vespa dealer. We drove one - but not the model we wanted. I was disappointed that we drove 60 miles to see it but not get to ride it. We stopped at the Yuengling Beer Brewery on the way back to the Zimms. After a hot dog at Mel’s - we relaxed and swam at the Zimm's pool.

On Saturday night we drove the van to Disneyworld. We had reservations to eat on the top of the Contemporary Hotel and watch the 10 PM fireworks. We rode the monorail and visited the Grand Floridian Hotel to shop. The fireworks went from 10 PM to 10:15 PM - then we got in the van and headed back to Zephyr Hills - we got home for ice cream CMP’s at midnight.

Sunday morning we got up at 8 AM - got showered  - and left at 9. Lulu wanted to shop at the outlets - so we had breakfast at my favorite place - Cracker Barrel - and I am typing this in the van at the outlet mall while Lulu enjoys her favorite activity.

The new Honda van is a fantastic road car. This trip was 802 miles - the van had 1300 miles when we pulled into Tallahassee today at 4 PM. We went down on Friday the back way - thru towns - etc. We came home via I-75 and I-10. One of the greatest features about the van is Active Noise Control. The sound system has microphones and speakers that play sounds to counteract road noise. It is so much easier to converse in the quiet cabin. Great for hard of hearing old people.

Our next big trip will be north to Virginia - Washington - and Pennsylvania. We are awaiting the arrival of the latest Everhart. It is going to be a fun summer - traveling in our new Honda van.

The Zimms will be driving north on June 15th to their home in Tamaqua PA. They keep two homes and are wrestling with getting rid of some clutter and selling a home. We are so happy to have them in Florida for 8 months of the year.

My plan this summer is to buy a new Vespa scooter and sell my old one. We have 2 cars now - the Honda van and the Nissan Leaf electric. A new scooter would be a nice addition. I am also selling a 2015 Honda Fit for a friend. My friend Joan wants me to sell her motor home - starting Wednesday.

Cuban food at Columbi restaurant

Lulu wanted beans and rice

My Cuban sandwich was excellent

Nichols and Dimes Vespa Shop in Clearwater

I have my eye on this 2016 Vespa Primavera scooter.
My old Vespa is 10 years old and has 4000 miles on it.

2.5 million barrels of beer are made here a year

Marylou inspecting the brew pot

Barley is kept in silos

The Disney Magic Kingdom from our
rooftop supper perch.

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