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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thursday Night At The Palma Maria - With A Side Story About Andrew Leibenguth

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Seated clockwise - the Rosinolas - Peter - Maryann - Parm - Anna.
Nancy and Harry - Andrew.
Nancy - Sandi - and Harry celebrate
Sandi's new hire - to open a new school library.
Nancy and Harry - celebrating the 45th year of their marriage.

We just got back to our hotel room after a wonderful night at the Palma Maria. Lulu and I wanted to take one of her best students to dinner to honor her being hired to open a brand new school library. From that it all went uphill. 

First we had a wonderful dinner - I had chicken parm - Lulu had eggplant parm - and Sandi Jimmerson had manicotti. A wonderful fresh salad accompanied our entres - and the pasta sides. The meal had an exclamation point of peanut butter and banana cream pies. I forgot about the wonderful bread and the two loaves tucked into a bag for the ride home. 

Pete took a picture of us - and posted it on the Internet. All of a sudden we get a message from Andrew Leibenguth. He asked us to wait - he would be there by 8:30. Little did we know that Andrew and his friend Eric from Shenandoah had left Tamaqua in a van last week's Tuesday. In 9 days - they had driven from Tamaqua - to Los Angeles - to Orlando. That is about 6000 miles. They are going to catch a cruise out of Cape Canaveral. It is the first time we met Andrew and it was also his first time to the Palma Maria. We had a great time and a picture session. 

Note the pies

Picture of the old Tamaqua Palma Maria
Pete in 1976
Dolly and Pete

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