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Sunday, May 22, 2016

We Saw The Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band Last Night At The Moon

The Moon was once and A&P Food Store.
We walk to events there
Lulu carries very few music CDs in her car - but you can usually find Rumours - one of the best selling albums of all time. Fleetwood Mac released it in 1978 and it has sold over 40 millions copies. We have one.

We like to walk up Seminole Drive past The Moon - a local night club. When the digital marquee outside blinked Rumours coming soon - Lulu marched up to the box office and bought 4 seats to the show. The tickets were $20 each and for that we got 2 hours of non-stop Fleetwood Mac music. We had a reserved elevated table so us old folks did not have to stand to see the action. It was a lot of fun - a pretty old crowd. Here are a couple videos I took of the action -

Josh and Melissa Gross are old music junkies too. We had supper at our house - and then drove our new van the half mile to The Moon. After the show it was easy to beat the Jazzy and walker crowd to the exit.

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