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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Tuskegee Institute - Booker T Washington - George Washington Carver - Tuskegee Airmen - The First Road Trip in Our New Van

Harry in WWII flight simulator
Gate to Tuskegee University
George Washington Carver Museum on Campus
Lulu and I bought a new Honda van - 2 weeks ago. We were excited to make our first road trip in it. So this morning at 7 AM - we packed a bag - filled a cooler - and took off for Tuskegee Alabama. We had heard so much about it in history and it was only 200 miles away.

Tuskegee is a town in the deep south heartland of Alabama. We did not see any of the Memorial Weekend traffic the news warned about. In many places - we were the only car in sight. The school and the airfield are both on the outskirts of town - about 4 miles apart. 

Booker T Washington was the founder and president of the Institute. Today the beautiful old campus is in remarkably beautiful shape. Being the holiday weekend - it was amazing how few people were on campus. We entered the main gate and found the George Washington Carver Museum. We had the place to ourselves - we enjoyed the well done displays. It is a wonderful walk back into history.

The famous Tuskegee Airmen lived on campus while they trained at Moton Field - 4 miles away. Training took place here from 1941 to 1945. The men already had college degrees - they flight trained as officers. 

The short drive to Moton Field was the bus route that the Airmen took daily in an old bus. Today - the main hangars and buildings are well preserved. In the hangars are a few aircraft and many static displays. The runway is still used by the Municipal Airport. 

We are at our hotel now. It is a Marriot at Opalicka AL - where the Grand National Golf Course is. Tomorrow - we will tour Auburn University which is about 16 miles away. Then we will head home. 

Lulu said - this is a perfect touring day for me - brown signs - airplanes - and free admission. Both places were very empty. Both places are administered by the National Park Service.

Spearman Trainer in Hangar at Moton Field
2 Big Hangars at Moton Field
Tuskegee Airman train first at Moton Field
Then went to Tallahasses

P-51 Famous for their Red Tails
Moon Field classroom

Ghost Building of Tuskegee Airmen

Chosen Trainer - the Piper J3 Cub -
Built in Pennsylvania
Study room in the hangar

Tuskegee Airmen lived at Tuskegee
Institute - 4 miles away

Many products made from peanuts at Tuskegee
Statue of College President
Booker T Washington uncovering the eyes of slaves

Booker T Washington's Homes at
Tuskegee University

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