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Friday, May 27, 2016

Florida State Beat Utah 6-2 - Trouble Follows Me Wherever I Go

This was our perch for the game

The "homer" was on the right side of that pole by 20 feet. 

Florida State Softball is playing Utah this weekend - best of 3 series. The winner goes to the World Series in Oklahoma City.

Usually we like to sit right behind home plate where I can call balls and strikes - and help the umpire. Today for some reason we chose to sit outside the fence in left field - never did that before. Usually the games are free - but when the NCAA is running the show they charge $5. So I thought we would enjoy a little knot-holing. 

The game started at 5 PM - that is my supper time. So we brought our plastic Adirondack porch chairs - and sat down on the sidewalk in left field above the action. Lulu packed a nice lunch - watermelon - cheese and crackers - soda - apple pie. 

It was a great night for a game - the grandstands were packed. FSU jumped out to a 3-1 lead. They play 7 innings - by the 6th inning I was almost through my supper. Two runners were on base for FSU. I had a diet coke in one hand and an apple pie in the other. Crack - a long fly ball was heading my way - obviously it was a foul ball - look where we were sitting. It keeps coming and coming and coming - surely it will not hit Lulu and I. I am not going to drop my apple pie to catch it. It hit the chair arm right between Lulu and I - the umpire signals home run. The place goes nuts.

They stopped the game for the argument. The ball was nowhere near the foul pole. We could have checked the ball for shoe polish. I could have caught it but I would have had to drop my apple pie. Utah was hosed. I pointed foul a few times - but who listens to a trailing spouse from Tamaqua PA. 

FSU won 6-2 - they play again tomorrow. If FSU wins it is over - if not - they play the rubber game tomorrow night. Lulu and I can't make those games - we are taking the van on a trip to Tuskegee Alabama. We will spend the night in a fancy hotel in Auburn. 

Here is some really good news. The national champs for the last 2 years have been the Florida Gators. They pounded us this year - they are a strong team. But they lost their series to Georgia - and will not win the World Series 3 times in a row. FSU has a chance. 

Baseball! Apple Pie! and Seminoles!

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