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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Words Cannot Describe The Terrible Systemic Murder At Dachau By The Nazis

Work Will Make You Free - on the front gate of Dachau.

The Crematory Oven at Dachau

Just outside of Munich is the very first Nazi Concentration Camp - Dachau. It was a model camp set up by the Nazi SS - to be an example for all the other camps. The only good thing I could say at about the camp was the free admission. It is such a horrible idea - and unfortunately is was so darn successful. Hitler's Final Solution was simple - you would imprison anyone your did not like for whatever reason. Then you would use them as free labor until they were sick or exhausted. Finally - you would just kill them - bury them - and pretend they were never ever alive. 

Art at Dachau

Lulu visited the research library at Dachau
It is hard to complain about being one of six senior citizens living in a 2 bedroom - 1 bath apartment for a week - when we just visited concentration camp barracks where 50 prisoners were squeezed into a similar size space - with no heat or running water. It is a miracle that anyone survived that insanity.

Dachau Research Library
7 Guard Towers at Dachau

Moats - Electric Fence - No Man's Land - Wall

Bunks in the barracks at Dachau
Beds in Barracks
Lockers in Concentration Camp
Wash Shanty in Dachau Camp 
Gang Toilets in Prison Barracks

Books from Camp Library

More library Displays 

Inmates worked in Library

Prisoners library cards

Library Rules
The Camp Library became a place to exchange information

These GI's found a hoard of gold teeth

The main street in Dachau Prison

The Crematory was busy 24 hours
The new ovens at Dachau
The gas chambers at Dachau
The sign on the gas chambers says - showers

These chambers fumigated the clothing
The old ovens at the crematory 

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