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Saturday, April 02, 2016

Springtime in Berlin - Saturday - Sunny and 64

We had lunch at the East West Cafe - sitting on the line between East and West Berlin. The wall is long gone - but these two guards that still stand there. The Germans hate the Russians. First - they brutally raped and pillaged Berlin when they arrived. But the Russians had an excuse - the Germans that invaded Russia killed about 20 million people - military and civilians. the Americans came out as the good guys. We treated the West Germans so much better than the Russians treated the East Germans. 

The new Train Station in Central Berlin - note the beautiful skies. Trees are all budding. You can take a train to anywhere the country from here. Tracks go out in all directions on 3 levels there. We will take a train to Wolfsburg here on Wednesday. We will also go from here to Hamburg with Carl and Marylou - Jean and Bill.  Tram 10 goes directly from our neighborhood to this station. 

You can rent these BMW i3 electric cars with your credit card. They are nowt cheap  - like 30 cents a minute. 

The East West Cafe can be seen through the wall. These posts mark where the Berlin Wall was.

The grassy area was No Man's Land. If you were in it - you were dead. It is just crazy - these zealots and their walls!

The camper is outside our door - only moved once in 2 months. Note all the people sitting out - drinking and eating on this sunny 64 degree Saturday.

These brass honorary plates can be found in the sidewalks. they honor people who died in the death camps.

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