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Saturday, April 02, 2016

Friday - 5 Hours on the Berlin Food Tour

Berlin Food Tour

On Friday - Wanda and JP took us on the Berlin Food Tour. If you are a foodie - you would enjoy this 5 hours roaming around downtown Berlin sampling different foods - being guided by a PhD - speaking English. No it was not Lulu. 

We sampled meatballs - done meat - coffee - wine - cookies - curry wurst - beer - butter - noodles. Personally - I can barely tell the difference between white sausage and brown sausage - but Lulu loved it. I think she likes talking about food more than eating it. Since I have gained 30 pounds - I should take up her habit. 



sausage - pretzels - wine

more wine

I forget what they had

cafe next to machine gun wall

We were close to Hitler's bunker - note
machine gun bullet holes

Berlin loves coffee and cake - preferably
outside the sun - sometimes with a blanket 

See the Berlin Tower and Berlin Cathedral
in background

This Jewish School has a double fence -
for protection by the city

Jewish Cemetery downtown

A Berlin favorite - curry wurst - a sausage sliced
into coin size pieces - then red sauce -
and covered with curry powder. 

The finale was a micro brewer
right under the train tracks

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