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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Cool Camper

Rule #1 - Find a level parking space

Look at this cute little German camper. It is a plastic body 2 cylinder Trabant station wagon. The pop up tent has a floor that is covered by a large mattress. The tent folds down when going down the highway. There is a small light ladder going down the back of the car that can be removed to open up the station wagon back. 2 kids could sleep in the back of the station wagon. 2 adults could sleep in the tent. 

The car with its Duraplast bakelite body weighs about 1200 pounds. The engine is air cooled - 2 cycle - and 2 cylinder. It is front wheel drive - way ahead of its time. You must mix gas and oil in the 6 gallon fuel tank. It has no gas gauge - just a ruler to stick in the tank. The tank is under the hood above the carburetor - so the fuel flows into the engine without the need of a fuel pump. It gets 45 mile per gallon - so it can go 270 miles on a tank full.

This camper is in the Trabant Museum in Berlin. 

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