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Friday, April 01, 2016

Berlin - How About An Electric Rental Scooter

eMio - rental electric scooter

It looks like an electric Vespa - but it is not

I love riding my Vespa scooter and my Nissan Leaf electric car. Here is a neat combination to try. It is an eMio electric rental scooter. We have seen couples scooting around town on them - they are silent but nimble. 

We are not sure of how you rent them - but I am pretty sure that you download an App onto your phone - and then locate a scooter. If it is available - it would be on marked on the App as ready. The one thing that confuses me - you would think they would be plugged in when they are not being used. 

I will have to read up more about how the scooter and the system works.

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