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Friday, March 25, 2016

Potsdam - Good Friday We Took A Train To This German Royal City

Lulu and Joan buying gifts at the palace in Potsdam
It was a light rain all day on Good Friday - but it did not stop us from exploring Potsdam. Although Potsdam is almost 30 miles away - we were able to use our regular Berlin transportation card to get there. When we got there - we purchased tickets for a hop on - hop off - tour bus. The main reason we picked it was because it was a double decker bus with the top deck covered - it kept us dry. 

Potsdam was also where Russia and the KGB kept their agents. They had a colony in the city. Potsdam is also where President Truman met with the Allies and decided to to divide Germany into 4 sections after the war. 

Frederick the Great had his palace here. 

At the end of the day - we went to the train station and just were "stowaways" on a high speed train. We were back in downtown Berlin in no time at all. 

Tonight at 9 PM - my bedtime - we are going to a club less than a block away. There is a Rolling Stone Tribute Band playing at a local Blues Club. 

Royal symbols on street at Potsdam

A windmill by Palace San Souci 

Fredrick the Great - San Souci Palace

Rain on th royal gardens

Palace entrance

San Souci Palace

Potsdam was a gated city

Bradenberg Gate - Potsdam

Brandenburg Gate with German Symbol

Colored brick symbol

Potsdam - St Peter and Paul Church - Good Friday

St Peter and Paul - Potsdam

Potsdam Gate

Frederick kept his army in Potsdam in barracks

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