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Friday, March 04, 2016

London - The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon

Last night's play was really nice.
Harold Pinter Theatre - Sunny Afternoon
While I was lying in my death bed at 1 Byng Place with stage 5 - lung cancer - tuberculosis - pneumonia - bubonic plague - and pneumonia - on Thursday afternoon - Lulu escaped to the Theatre District and came back with two wonderful tickets to Sunny Afternoon. She told the ticket seller of my woes - and for 25 pounds each - got 2 front row center balcony seats.

At about 6:30 PM - we hopped onto a red double decker bus and went right to the theatre. Lulu had scouted out a dinner place right across from the Harold Pinter Theatre called the Strata. I seldom mention food - but in England they offer a cut of meat called a Rump Steak - I had to have one being a card carrying member of the Rump Union. 

We were in our play seats in plenty of time - the rest of the crowd came in mostly with canes and walkers. I wish I had the concession sales of the blue hair dye that night. The crowd was remarkably old - I looked around and at 68 and 61 - Lulu and I looked like Teenie Boppers.
Sponsored by Boots - Perfect for London Lung Diseases
Sunny Afternoon is a play about the history of the Kinks - a 60s rock band featuring mainly Ray and Dave Davies. They became big in England and during the British Invasion in 1964 - they put several hits into the American Top 10 - including - You Really Got Me - and All the Day and All of the Night.

The play reviews the group's problems with the American Music Union. One time a fight broke out on stage between Dave Davies and the drummer. The drummer picked up a symbol stand and smacked Dave over the head with it during a performance knocking him cold. The drummer ran from the cops - Dave Davies was hospitalized with 16 stitches. The Kinks were banned from performing in America. 

The Kinks continued being headliners all over the world - but the American market was hard to crack without playing there. 

As a kid - my British rock favorites were - The Beatles - The Rolling Stones - The Who - and The Kinks. On the many trips to England that Lulu provided for me - I have seen them all live or at least in a cover performance. Throw in Sting - Queen - Abba - Buddy Holly - and a few others for good measure. Old fashioned rock and roll still lives in London. 

We have one last night left in London - I have a feeling that Janis Joplin is in this town somewhere. If she is here - Lulu will find her. Stay tuned. Excuse me now - I must pray. 

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