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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Leipzig - A Very Nice Old East German Town

We are in the outskirts of Leipzig near the Convention Center. There is a tram that takes us downtown for shopping and dining. Our NH Hotel is very nice - we have an out of this world breakfast there every morning.

We are checking out now at noon - and will be going to the German National Book Fair here. Then at 5 PM - our bullet train pulls out for Berlin form the downtown station.

When East and West Germany joined again in 1990 - the western part was much richer than the eastern part. Since then - they have been spending an extra $80 billion a year on infrastructure to bring the East "up to code." That included this beautiful glass convention center.

Our NH Hotel - our room second floor left

KFC across the street - I did not eat here yet

Glass convention center - tram and train station nearby

Bauhaus - it is like Home Depot

City Hall - downtown Leipzig

Downtown Leipzig

Downtown Church

Nice Hymer camper

The have

Richard Wagner St

Main train station

Neat tent - with inflatable poles

Pump tent up in 2 minutes


Expensive tent 989 euros

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