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Monday, March 21, 2016

I Bought Birkenstock Sandals At A Company Store - Leipzig

I bought a pair of Birkenstock sandals in Leipzig - size 42
Guess who has flat feet? A couple years ago - after sore feet from walking all over London - my foot doctor fitted me with shoe inserts. You know the ones with a little hump in the middle. Since then my feet have been great - but I have been limited to shoes that can hold my inserts. After a while my feet would even get sore from using Nike sandals. Next trip - the doctor said try Birkenstocks. 

Birkenstock sandals are so bland - so simple - so plain - they are the exact opposite of fashion. It is the old argument - style versus function. The sandals are made in Germany of real leather and real cork. The secret of the sandal is that the cork bottom is shaped to the bottom of your feet. As you wear them - the cork changes shape to match your feet. Customers talk of them lasting for years.

I bought a pair in America - and they worked. I bought 3 other pairs on Craigslist. I was convinced that they were great. But one thing I did not like was that the sandals only had two cross straps - nothing to go behind the heel and hold the sandals in place. I hated that flip flop feeling. I swear it alters your gait.

I found a pair over here with the heel strap. I bought them. In America - prices are fixed at $100 - here I bought a pair with the heel strap for 70 euros. There were tons of styles to chose - of course I chose plain Jane.

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Jolylady said...

You need to try Alegria shoes. They have a removable insert for your orthodics! They are so comfy.