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Thursday, March 10, 2016

East Berlin - Harry's Walk To The Store With His New Camera

This is Kaiser's store chain. There
 are 4 within2 blocks of each other

I had a cold for the last week. I did everything I could to prevent Lulu from getting it. Just as I was to announce that I was over it - she said her throat was sore. Bummer. We are scheduled to go to a convention in Leipzig on Sunday for 5 days. 

Lulu sent me to the store for a few supples. As long as I was walking about 5 blocks - I took my new Canon camera. I focused on some of the different vehicles here. Things are very nice here but different. First off gasoline its taxed to $5 or $6 a gallon. This makes people consider other things - like bikes - small cars - public transportation - even their campers are tiny. 

In the month that we have been in Germany - we have seen snow flurries 2 times. Nothing stuck. We saw rain once. Temps have mainly been in the 40s - and we have had lots of sun - although the days are short. 

I took these random pictures on the walk.

I stopped at the pharmacy and got 4 different meds for Lulu's cold. I was wanted - no more than 6 a day!  :-) You can see the pharmacy from our front door.

I bought my soft pretzels and baked a tray. 14 cents each.

These two campers sit in front of our home -
 they have not moved in a month

This one is a Fiat - very nice

I love these narrow Subaru vans - they seat 6 -
with a 2-2-2  arrangement

Notice how on some street they park parallel - others
perpendicular - others angle

This is a Citroen Berlingo - Ilove it

Ford camper

VW with a turtle top

Another VW with a turtle top installed

A cute garnet Renault
Walkin under the S Train track. No cars allowed.

I love the Trams - on the surface - hop on -
hop off - no need to show your ticket - electric

An old Vespa

Smart Cars are very popular - made by Mercedes

Look at this old chevy van

An English Range rover

I saw a family of 4 riding in one of these carts

Bikes - scooters - used all year

Notice - not a lot of traffic

this is our street Lettestrasse - Letter Street

Retro scooter

Streets are cobblestone - so if they dig them up -
they can put them back down

Two old Commie scooter - made of

A restaurant sign announcing Rump Steak

Scooters parked all over
My first New car was a 1969 VW beetle

Lots of corner restaurants

Bars and clubs

People love their vans here

Honda scooters are very popular

It was 48 degrees today - lots of people eating and drinking

That open door goes into our courtyard


People ring the bell - you can answer the phone
and buzz them in.

Courtyard - the 3 windows on the first floor are ours

Look closely - there is a train yard in the plants

Train yard bridge
The lady that owns this takes her 2 kids to
school every day in it. 

Our three windows - bathroom - kitchen - guest bedroom.
Three windows not shown - master bedroom -
2 in living room
This cart sits outside our door.

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