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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Foundling Museum and Coram's Field

The Foundling Museum

A bed from the original Foundling Hospital for orphaned kids
Many books have been written about the Foundling Hospital and Coram's Field. It was the Orphan Hospital in England founded by Thomas Coram. The hospital has been moved but many of the interiors have been saved and placed in this museum. They is also a large collection of art in the museum worth over 30 million pounds - donated to the hospital.

Coram's Field and the Foundling Hospital were within walking distance of our Byng Place apartment.  We visited last weekend.

Pills bottles from the Foundling Hospital
Listening to Handel Messiah Collection at Foundling Museum
A mother leaving her kids at the Foundling Hospital

Thomas Coram at Coram's Field - the site of the original
Foundling Hospital

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