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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cellphones in Germany

Cellphones in Germany. When we came over here - we had Apple unlock our iPhone 5S phones. We then bought German SIMM cards. Yesterday I paid for the coming April month service. I paid $20. That givse me phone calls - text messages - and 1.5 GB of internet use. It is good for 30 days or whenever you use up all the internet bandwidth. Last month I only used 1/2 GB so I had plenty left over - it does not roll over. You can buy service from a different carrier every month. Our carrier is O2. At home - we pay about $140 to ATT for unlimited service for two iPhones. Lulu and I each have our own plan over here. So our bill is $40 a month total versus $140 a month in America. When we go home - we are going to have a conversation with ATT.

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