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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

At BMW. Waiting 3 hours for tour.

The BMW factory is just 3 miles from our hotel. They build the electrics here. I-8 and I-3. I took a chance coming out here. Cab was 17 euros!

When I got here - lady said tours were VIP only. Reservations. I whined and Said I came from Florida. I gave her my card. She said an American school group is due at 2 pm. I could tour with them. That is a 3 hour wait. So here I am waiting. 

I have my phone but no extra battery. So I must conserve. 

I am in the foyer and half finished cars are moving overhead. There is a BMW I-8 sitting here. So I will wait. 

I expected a museum out here. My fault. Porsche also has a plant here. They have a museum and a track there. My luck. Picked wrong one. That is a problem of not knowing language. 

It is overcast. Windy. Wet. Cold. Outside. Not a pretty day. 

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