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Monday, February 29, 2016

Supper Tonight At Zur Haxe - Prenzlauer Berg - Berlin

Pork and Sauerkraut

We just got back from a walk to Zur Haxe - one of the top 10 German restaurants of Berlin. It was in our neighborhood - less than a mile away - so we walked there - and took the tram back. The tram back was longer in length - but much shorter in time. 

I had some kind of chicken dinner - Lulu had pork and sauerkraut. We each had one beer. The bill came to 30 euros.
Wheat Beer - 2 euros a half liter

I had a Konig Ludwig Weissbier - 1/2 liter for 2 euros. In 2008 - it was selected the world's best wheat beer. 

Lulu had a red colored Berliner beer. 

Lux Haxe is a very nice quiet neighborhood restaurant. We will take guests there when they come to visit. 

Photos taken with an iPhone 5S.

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