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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Naples - Monday - Castel Nuevo - Last Day in Town

Castle Nuevo - built 1279 - on water in Naples

Castle Nuevo from our hotel roof

Mt Vesuvius from our hotel

Lulu and the telescope on our roof

And of the best things about being retired is Monday mornings. While everyone is busy washing up and going to work - the world is our oyster. 

Our flight home to Berlin was schedule for 2 PM - so we made a relaxing meander toward the airport. Our first stop was the city hall directly behind our hotel. In front of city hall was the Castle Nuevo. 

Castle Nuevo means new castle. Ironically - it was built in 1279 - not too new anymore. Everyone knows about Christopher Columbus sailing to America under the flag of Spain. But his home was in Genoa Italy - and many times he visited this castle. 

In 1294 - Pope Boniface VIII was elected in this castle.

Fountain in front of City Hall from roof

City Hall - upper right corner see our hotel roof

We loved surveying the city from the roof top of our Renaissance Hotel. Our breakfast restaurant was up there and it included a high powered telescope.

From the Castle Nuevo - we took a $4 bus directly to the airport - arriving very early. It was a beautiful sunny day as we left Italy - our easyJet ascended into the clouds. At 4 PM - we dropped through a heavy overcast into a rain laced foggy mix at Berlin Schoenfeld Airport. Our train to the apartment was free - if you do not count the cost of our monthly pass. We were in our apartment by 4 PM - tired but really happy about our 4 days excursion. 

Total 4 day cost - 
hotel $300
easy jet $190
museums $60
trains cabs $60
meals $120
total - $730

Nuevo Castle

Entering rear of easyJet

Some easyJet flights are as little as $10  -
check the prices at easy

The long red roofs are Garibaldi Station
where our train went to Pompeii

Schonefeld Airport in Berlin - we landed here -
took the train home

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