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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lulu Pleads The Fifth - Her Fifth Doctoral Grad - Amelia

Friday was a special day. One of the nicest things about being a Library Science professor at FSU - is helping students follow in your footsteps. Amelia defended her dissertation on Friday at FSU - and will graduate in May.

It takes years to get your doctor's degree - if you get a PhD - most of the time is spent writing a dissertation. Many students completed the course work - only to end up ABD - all but dissertation.

Even though Lulu - Amelia's advisor and sponsoring professor - was in Berlin for 3 months - it did not stop the process. On Friday - all the professors on the committee gathered to see Amelia defend her dissertation. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet - Lulu was able to chair the committee from Berlin. I got these two pictures of Lulu and Amelia on this very important day.

Lulu shortened her project here for the main attraction coming up. We will go home on April 28th in time for the FSU graduation where Lulu gets the honor of placing the hood over Amelia's head.

In WWII - a pilot became an ace after knocking down 5 planes.

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