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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Lake Seminole - Apalachicola River - Chattahoochee

Dam over Apalachicola River at Chattahoochee FL

About 40 miles east of town is Chattahoochee FL. It is on the border between Florida and Georgia. Chattahoochee is famous for being a historic town on the Apalachicola River. In early territorial days - there was an arsenal in town that was important during the Seminole Wars. Also - the Florida State Hospital is there - famous for the movie Chattahoochee - a story about the hospital for the criminally insane. 

In the picture above is the Jim Woodruff Dam built across the river in 1957. The dam produces hydroelectric power. It also controls water flow on the river. On the left you can see a lock that allows ocean going ships to climb up over the dam. One can proceed all the way to Atlanta - by crossing through several more dams. According to a local resident - a company is starting an excursion cruise from the Gulf - up thru the many dams. 

In the picture - downtown Chattahoochee would be about 1/2 miles to the right. As I visited the dam - not this picture - the power plant was operating - producing white water. 

I drove over US 90 from Tallahassee.

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