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Friday, February 26, 2016

Groceries in Berlin

Board - about 1 pound - 55 euro cents

Grocery shopping is fun over here. We live in old East Berlin - not far from the wall. It is officially called Prenzlauer Berg. There are a lot of little shops - restaurants - etc - there is a bakery in the front of our building. 

You are dealing with different measurements for weight - volume - money. Weight is in kilograms and milligrams. Volume is in liters. Money is in Euros. Presently - 1 euros = $1.10 US. They do have coins for - 1 cent - 5 cents - 10 cents - 20 cents - 50 cents - 1.00 - 2.00. We have Euro bills in 5 - 10 - 20 50 - 100. The other day the university paid Lulu - to our surprise they handed her cash. It felt like she hit the lottery. 

I will list several groceries every now and then. The packaging is interesting. They use a lot less preservatives over here. That gives the food a good taste. I am not saying it is any better or worse than in America. 

One exception - beer. I do not like beer generally - but I drink it socially. I do like the buzz that it provides - but a 16 oz beer for me is a lot. Over here - beer tastes very good to me. By law they are limited to 3 ingredients - barley - hops - water or wheat - hops - water. No preservatives - so it does not last long. 

Coca Cola tastes different here. In America I drink gold can Coke - no sugar - no caffeine. Over here - Coke is made only with pure cane sugar. It is a different taste - like Coke tasted when I was a kid - before they started using corn syrup.  So I drink the sweet Coke over here. 

I weighed 221 when I came over here. We are doing lots of walking - but I fear all the good things I am eating. 
Pretzel - about 1/2 pound - 39 euro cents
Milk - about 1 quart - 55 euro cents

Free Range Eggs - 10 - 1.69 euros

Sausages - 1/3 pound - 1.29

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