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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Germany - Here Is A Short Video Of Our Apartment In Berlin

Lulu and I are having a really nice time in Germany. Take a look at our apartment. Lulu found it on AirBnB. It is completely equipped for our stay including linens - dishes - cleaning supplies - even maid service once a week. It has cable TV - Internet - and a flat screen TV.

We brought along plenty of conversion plugs and extension cords to run all our computers - phones - and chargers. We watch our TV service from back home over a Slingbox. We also have an Apple TV that allows us to use Netflix - Siris Radio - etc - over the Internet.

The apartment has a land line telephone that we can use for local calls for free. We also have had local SIM cards put into our iPhones so that we can navigate the city with maps and the trams - trains - buses - and subways. We can also call each other free of charge.

We purchased monthly tram-train-bus-subway cards. This allows us to go anywhere in the city with unlimited service. Our sons have bought us museum passes and guided tours.

We are a short train ride from Shonefeld Airport. We have already taken a budget trip to Naples - Italy. We have booked another budget trip to London for next weekend. There are several budget airlines like EasyJet and RyanAir that take you to European cites - some as cheap as 10 euros.

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